Syntel Campus Recruitment Drive 2012 Passouts – All States Schedule for the Online Test

Syntellect 2012 – Syntel’s Campus Recruitment Drive – All States Schedule for the Online Test

Request you to please adhere to the timelines. If any student tries to open the link before the time assigned then that account will get deactivated immediately.

The Student will not be able to take up the test.

In order to have the smooth running of the test, please find below the minimum requirements that we need from your end.

OS : XP SP2 and above
Browser : IE7.0 and above
Enable : Cookies, Javascript, Pop ups.

Disable :
* Excel, Calculator,
* Google and related search websites (preferred to restrict access to online examination site only.),
* Disable the print screen option.

Bandwidth : Minimum of 56kbps per terminal keep the font size of the webpage as smallest.

Kindly Note :
* The process flow will be shared with you soon,
* Kindly note that the IP address of the colleges are monitored. Any student who tries to login from a different IP address will disqualify both the college and student from the process.
* While all the entire process is monitored virtually there could be a surprise visit by the Syntel team to your college to monitor the process.

For any query during the test you can contact us on the below mentioned phone numbers.
1) 020 66347047
2) 020 66347048
3) 020 66347064
4) 020 66347053
5) 020 66347072
6) 020 66347044

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