Voter Card Online Registration in Andra Pradesh (New Enrollment/Correct Your Card/Transpose Your Card)

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Voter Card Online Registration in Andra Pradesh (New Enrollment/Correct Your Card/Transpose Your Card)

Key Points to Remember before Registration :

1) Select Assembly Constituency
* If you don't know the assembly Constituency, you have to click on the link beside the box. Know your Assembly Constituency.
* A Page will be displayed, where you have to select the district and then enter the village/locality name and click on the search option, you will get the constituency name for your locality.

2) Fill the following Details :
* Applicant's Details
* Particulars of place of present ordinary residence (Full Address)
* Details of Member(s) of applicant's family if already included in the current electoral roll of the constituency.

3) Upload your photo using browse option. Here you select only .jpg images and image size must be less than 100KB and width and height must be 240 X 320.

4) Once completion of all the details click on the "Translate" option so that the form can be transform from English to Telugu.

5) Check the details after it translates to Telugu. If there is any correction required, you can make corrections same as Google Telugu translator. You can make corrections by typing in English, use the space bar and then backspace, and then you will get a drop down list . From that you can select the correct word.

6) After completion all the details as above, click on the save button so as the save the application.

7) After save, a unique application ID will be generated and prompt on screen.

8) The Application ID may be preserved for knowing the application status.

9) To Know your Application Status you must Enter your Application ID/ Application Name/ House No, then click search.Click on the view status to know your current status of application.

Important Links :

 E- Registration User Manual 

Form 6 - New Enrollment

Form 8 - Correct your Card

Form 8A - Transpose your Card

Know your Status


  1. my Application status was showing Application is Accepted by the ERO and there is a Eseva adress what is the next procedure to getmy id should i go to that eseva centre ....and does it cost anything in eseva to get my id

  2. know ur status link is not opening. what should i do to know the applicaton status

  3. Hi Annu, Your Absolutely Right you need to go to the Eseva center to collect your voter id card. We don't know about the cost.

    Thank You,
    TRC Admin

  4. Hi Divya Daggubati, We have updated all the links, You will be able to check it now.

    Thank You,
    TRC Admin

  5. hi, i would like to know that after applying through online should i submit proofs manually

  6. Hi after getting application id number,what is the procedure?

  7. Hi Rajesh P V, If asked about proofs you need to submit when you go to take the Voter ID Card

  8. Hi Santhan Nacharla, After Getting Application number you will be able to check the status of your application. It takes several days to get to your nearest eseva center. Don't forget to keep checking your application status

  9. Hi still there is time to get registered through online? because i want my bro to get registered.

    1. Hi Santhan Nacharla, Last date for filling claims is 20.11.2012